What's in a name?






 I need your help!

I have three possible names for my site (this one!) and can't decide which is best.

Please read my thoughts then vote!

  1. Firstly:      DivingTheBlue.com
    Currently a front-runner and I think reasonably easy to remember and descriptive to those of us who dive!
    Trust me, I tried about 400 other names before finding this one wasn't registered!
  2. Secondly:     TheSilentDeep.com
    Again, very evocative and I think memorable. And, OK, I know it's NOT silent but this is a common phrase that is recognizable I believe.
  3. Thirdly:       FilteredLight.com
    Definitely a photographers choice. Reflecting both the cameras filtering of light and the filtering of light through the water. It appeals to the poet in me!

Just Click the button below and it will take you to a new window and the voting poll. You can only vote once! (the pop-up is slow so give it a moment :-) )


What Should I call this  site?


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